Very rarely does this happen, where you can say “we did it” and mean it. But here we are, with an X-Wing that truly madly deeply reflects the Hero X-Wings that ILM made for Star Wars. Born from three years of hard work by myself and my friends Josh Maruska and AndrĂ© Bustanoby, as well as a few others, and born from a still-ongoing 1/12th scale X-Wing project, this could never ever have happened without the reference that was made available and ferreted out of closets and storage areas. I was given an original production made Hero shell, as well as a Pyro casting. Then just as this was nailed down and castings were being made for my builds, I was asked to restore the Pyro Master pattern, and it only helped reinforce our data. Incredible. I could talk for days and days about this model, and I have!

More on this model here and here and here and here…. and most importantly, here!

It is the first build from my team’s parts, and is unique in that it is a custom mix of design elements from many different ILM liveries, and so while not true to any one filming miniature, I think it captures the spirit of the design, and my good friend Chris is the pilot. I even splayed the wings just a smidge out of “Hero” but not quite as wide as “Pyro” to get the best of both worlds. I hope you enjoy what I proudly think is the best representation of the X-Wing design since 1976.